20/04: Home again, this is the end

Well, after a long night in the plain, we arrived in Londen around 7 o'clock. Only had a flight to Brussels at 1 pm. So killing time was the answer. Actually we just waited, ate something, wandered around and waited some more. Then it was finally time to really go back home. A flight of only 45 minutes. It feels like you're just up in the air, or they're already making their descend again. Back in Brussels we got our bikes safe and sound with us: yes! Then, through the gate to meet our families. We all ate together at my parents house and it was a very fun and delicious evening! Now the real life starts again. But we had a fantastic time in Asia and we will have wonderfull memories for the rest of our life!!!!

19/04: Enjoying our last hours at Bkk international airport

What better way to end our time in bkk than with a tuktuk to the airlink city rail station from our guesthouse? 2 big boxes strapped to the back of the tuktuk and off we go...don't think the driver got a lot of goods moving foreingers in his ride cause he was looking at us a bit suspicious...especially cause we were smart enough to negotiate a price before showing him our stuff! hahaha, tuktuk style to you to! Anyway, tipped him a bit at the end & Line gave him her sandals that she didn't need anymore. Then with some help from stationside waiting moto taxi drivers we got our boxes up into the station and on the train. Was around 6pm so it was totally packed with working people going home...not easy, but it all worked out.

Honestly if you land on bkk with your bike packed, just get the airlink rail to any station nearest to your destination and then just get all your gear ready at the station in the centre of bkk and off you go!

Good thing we packed the bikes along the scale to 23kg cause they officially scaled in at the check-in counter on 22,5kg & 23kg. Bulls-eye! So they checked in easily enough, oooeff, at least this time we should make it to our destination with our bikes. At least London, lets hope also brussels ;-) Didn't get any comments on our handluggage either. Other than that our hats (bike helmets) are a somewhat strange fashion accesoire. So the rest of the time before boarding at midnight we get to spend our last bahts & hours strolling the shops and maybe try to "buttgroove" a waiting bench.

18/04: Our last arrival in bangkok!

Flying back to Bangkok from Chiang Mai, what a luxery! :-) We then decided to compensate a bit by taking the express train back into town instead of a taxi. Cheaper & faster, go fot this option if you can. We will now also try and take the train to get to the airport for departure...gonna get fun with those big bike boxes ;-) Made an enroute stop at the bike shop (Bikezone @ Amarin plaza) where we collected our bikes packed in boxes. Then we had to get them back to the guesthouse...We immediatly realised that they wouldn't fit in one taxi together with the two of us, so two taxis. The first box was loaded into a taxi, very tight! Line hopped in & took off to the guesthouse. The bikebox from Ardan was a couple  of centimetes bigger so he had a hard time finding a taxi where it would fit in. The very friendly security guys from the shoppingmall tried to help him by stopping taxis, but they stopped the same model of car everytime, which was to small. Thanks, very kind, but not really helping guys :) So after a while, Ardan just stopped a taxi and put the box in the trunk (instead of in the backseat) and the taxidriver put some ropes around it because the box was sticking out of the trunk for the most part. Arriving at the guesthouse we put the boxes on a scale...: to heavy, SHIT! But no worries, we were still able to take some heavy things out of the boxes and put into our handluggage. Lets hope the scale in the guesthouse is correct, because now they're 23 kg, which is okay. For the rest of the day had a noodlesoups (one of the last :-( ) and wandered around chinatown.

17/04: Last day chiangmai

We have ben here for long enough now...;-) Last day Chiangmai! A bit more pooltime before lunch & some sunday market strolling. Tomorrow early morning we board the plane to Bangkok where we can spend 1 more day before heading back home late on the 19th. It's starting to get really really close now...I don't think it's hitting us yet, but surey some time soon we are gonna get a serious kick...

16/04: same same but different

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Same same: swimmingpool, reading, relaxing.
Different: able to go on the streets without getting wet.